About Us

rosh hashana 2012.photoSInce the Narberth Havurah began in 2005, we’ve had many opportunities to gather together, and each time we’ve been left with appreciation for and excitement about our growing community. We’ve met in participants’ homes, in Narberth churches, and in neighborhood parks. We’ve had countless potluck dinners, homemade hamantashen and wonderful camaraderie.

We welcome people regardless of faith, background, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender, and marital status. We are dedicated to making a spiritually uplifting and educationally stimulating environment for ourselves and our children, recognizing the power of the Torah to guide us in our pursuit of peace, social justice and a purposeful Jewish life. We celebrate the present, knowing that we are neither beholden nor shackled to the tragedies or triumphs of the past. We believe that practicing Judaism in the 21st century involves translating more than 5000 years of history into contemporary living within a global community. We are building an empowering Jewish community, in which all have the opportunity to share in leadership and decision making, and all are encouraged to contribute their gifts.

We strive to balance Jewish traditions and culture with innovation, merging creative expression, music and interpersonal connections in worship and in play.  We are committed to creating a healthy planet for people, plants and animals through sustainable choices and activities both communally and in our daily lives.

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