Hebrew School

We believe that the best way to engage children as they begin their life-long journey of Jewish learning is through a fun and meaningful learning environment. Our school aims to foster positive Jewish identity and a sense of community in each student. We help students gain the skills and knowledge that enable them to feel comfortable and empowered as participating members in the Jewish life of their families, the Narberth Havurah, and the larger community.

Our school is a place where students are challenged to live out the universal values of kindness, respect, inclusiveness, and justice for all people. With many of our students coming from interfaith families, we affirm that Judaism is one of many paths that teach people to live wisely and well.

2019-2020  Dates and Learning Themes

We will begin our school year on Tuesday, September 17th with a Welcome to School night that is important for all students to attend with at least one parent.

CLASSES BEGIN ON TUESDAY, SEPTRMBER 24TH, AND MEET EVERY TUESDAY (WITH EXCEPTIONS WHEN JFCS IS CLOSED FOR JEWISH HOLIDAYS, ETC – CALENDAR WILL BE SENT TO PARENTS!). Parents may drop children off between 4:15 and 4:25 (snack will be available for students during this time and not after!), with classes beginning at 4:30 and going until 6 pm.

Helping out at the Narberth Food Bank

Each year, our school focuses on a particular learning theme which serves as a prism through which students will see and experience different facets of Jewish life.

This year’s theme is “The Rhythms and Cycles of Jewish Life”. The focus will be on the Jewish calendar, Shabbat and the holidays, and familiarity with the cycle of reading the five books of  Torah. 

Havurah kids are taught that there is no one ”right way” to live as a Jew, and will be offered multiple perspectives to think about the ideas we discuss in class. Most importantly, they’ll learn that they are part of a community in which asking good questions is valued, the diversity among us is honored, and there are many beautiful ways to bring Judaism into their lives.

Hebrew Language Curriculum

Making kiddush cups for Shabbat

Our small class sizes allow for differentiated instruction for students with varied background and exposure to Hebrew. In Kita Aleph” (our younger students in 2nd to 4th grades) , students new to Hebrew will engage in Hebrew Through Movement and learning the Aleph Bet, while others may begin to develop decoding and reading skills by working, with support of the teacher, through a beginning Hebrew curriculum workbook. Our older students in Kita Bet will also begin, or continue to develop, their Hebrew skills based on individual needs. Approximately half of our class time of one hour and fifteen minutes will be geared towards Hebrew language learning.

Shabbat, Prayer and Holiday Curriculum

Building an 8 foot Menorah!

During the year, the Narberth Havurah Hebrew School students will lead some of the prayers and songs at one or two Hebrew School Shabbat services. Throughout the year, students will prepare for  Hebrew School Family Shabbat by learning  main ideas behind key prayers, and will  be encouraged in an age appropriate manner to reflect on the question of what is expressed in prayer, and to whom we are praying. While learning

some of the traditional liturgy and melodies of prayer,  students will also be encouraged to find their own creative expressions of gratitude and wonder.

Making hamentaschen at JFCS!

As holidays approach throughout the year, we will explore key holiday themes, and rituals, create art, make music, and/or prepare holiday foods.

Our Rabbi & Educator

We are delighted that Rabbi Simcha, along with one or two experienced Jewish educators, depending on enrollment and class sizes, will be our School Director and lead educator.   Rabbi Simcha has enjoyed teaching Jewish learners of all ages for the past fifteen years, embracing people of all backgrounds, belief, and disbelief, and encouraging them to learn and to create meaningful, joyful Jewish lives. For more information about Rabbi Simcha’s background, click here.


Enrollment & Fees

Registration forms for 2019-2020 can be found here.

The 2019-2020 fee structure for the Narberth Havurah Hebrew School is as follows (per student):

Members Non-Members*
 One student: $950 $1,295
 Two students: $925 $1,295
 Three or more: $900 $1,295

*Space permitting, non-members of the Narberth Havurah may enroll for a one-year trial at the non-member rate.  After the trial period, a Havurah membership will be required in order to continue enrollment in the Narberth Havurah Hebrew School.

For More Information
If you have any comments or questions regarding our Hebrew School, please contact Rabbi Simcha at rabbisimchazevit@gmail.com or call her at (216) 402-2949.