Challah baking class

November 20, 2016 @ 3:00 pm
Sigal and Amalia
1217 Weymouth Rd
Wynnewood, PA 19096

Amalia and I are happy to host a Challah baking demonstration and class on Sunday 11/20 at 3pm.
We welcome children of any age to join us if a parent feels that they can enjoy participating, and if the parent is available to supervise and work with them.
At the end of the class everyone takes their baked Challah home.
Our address is 1217 Weymouth Rd, Wynnewood 19096.
We will need to know who is coming so that we have enough of all ingredients. We look forward to it! Sigal and Amalia

Email us if you have questions:

As a reminder:
The process: Prepare dough (10-15 minutes); let it rise for an hour or so; braid the dough; wait another hour; bake for 30 minutes; YUM.
Those who want to come for the full 3 hours are welcome; we’ll have snacks and chat (and maybe make something else in the meantime).
For those who want to only come by for an hour or so, I will make some dough earlier and let it rise before they come.
Then they can make their dough and then bake mine straight away without waiting for theirs to rise.