Immigration Justice

Jews, who for centuries have wandered the globe facing persecution and insecurity, have an historical and spiritual bond with immigrants everywhere. The Narberth Havurah and its members are committed to justice for immigrants coming to and living in the United States, a land of immigrants, whose best instincts have been to welcome “the teeming refuse of distant shores”, but which today is perpetrating abuses against those seeking sanctuary within our borders.

In our pursuit of justice, the Narberth Havurah has affiliated itself with the New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia, an organization that fights for immigration justice and human rights for all people living in the US, and especially in the Philadelphia area. Their programs include political action to fight unfair and onerous anti-immigrant legislation, support families living in sanctuary to avoid unjust deportation, and providing assistance to immigrants in the southeastern Pennsylvania, including accompanying them to court hearings, where the presence of sponsors and supports makes an important difference in their treatment by the courts. To learn more about this organization, including many opportunities to help in small but meaningful ways, visit the New Sanctuary Movement website.

Through New Sanctuary, the Narberth Havurah has become part of the Driving PA Forward coalition, which is seeking to pass legislation in Pennsylvania that will make it possible for all people living in the commonwealth to get a driver’s license or official ID card, without having a social security number, if they can provide some other documentation of their residency in the state, such as a Tax ID number. This legislation, which has passed recently in 15 other states, will allow immigrants without SSNs to be able to legally drive themselves and their families to work, school, doctors, shopping, and other activities, which they currently cannot do without fear of arrest and deportation. To learn how to get involved with this important social activism, please visit the Driving PA Forward website.

Currently the group is having a 40 days of prayer and fasting to raise awareness of this important issue. Consider dedicating your Yom Kippur fast to supporting this interfaith initiative.