Tikkun Olam

Tikkun Olam literally means “repair of the world.”

Repair of the world is a guiding principle of our Havurah. Our projects have been directed locally and globally, collecting of goods and funds for local and international charities, and food pantries, cleaning Narberth Park, preparing meals for Havurah families mourning loss, and participating in the Martin Luther King Day of Service and Philadelphia’s Annual Peace & Reconciliation Walk.

The Talmud has a wonderful verse: “It’s not ours to complete the task, it’s only ours to start”. In a world that is in so much need, we seek to make a difference. Healing. Presence Community. Caring.

Cathy Levin and Joshua Levin coordinate the Narberth Havurah’s Tikkun Olam efforts.  One of their efforts consists of making tzedakah boxes available at all Havurah events and in our Hebrew school.

Food donations are also being collected for the Narberth Food Bank, especially bottled juices, canned fruit, almond milk, and spaghetti sauce. These donations can dropped off at the Havurah’s Shabbat services and at Hebrew School.

Several of our members, led by Rabbi Simcha, are also involved in POWER Metro, an interfaith organization working for social justice in our communities.

In December 2015, Cathy and Joshua organized a used book drive for Anthony Lapin, Ed.D, a second-grade teacher at an inner-city public elementary school. Tony’s children were in desperate need of books – picture books and chapter readers (grades K-5) – as well as reams of 8.5×11 copy paper and pencils.

donated books

Mr. Lapin wrote a kind response to the Havurah’s generous gifts, in which he said,

“I am writing this letter with deepest and warmest thanks for your recent book donations to our school. Many students will benefit from having access to books filled with rich literature and quality illustrations. Many of our students do not have any books at home, so these are a precious and important part of self-selected reading. Again I offer a warm thank you from the children who attend the Kearny School in Philadelphia.”

Cathy and Joshua welcome your ideas for Tikkun Olam. They have a few more projects in the works, but are open to considering additional ideas. Please email Cathy or Josh with your suggestions.

In the words of of Maya Angelou, “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” May it be so for the Narberth Havurah this year.